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Ashwood School District Budget Meeting Notice 6/1/2021

Ashwood School District Seeking Budget Committee Volunteers

Ashwood School District 2021-2022 Budget--Coming Soon


Ashwood School District 2020-2021 Budget

Ashwood School District  Division 22 Assurances and Minutes

Ashwood School District SIA Grant Agreement

Sexual Harassment Brochure for Employees,Contractors and Volunteers and Full Policy


Ashwood School District Distance Learning Plan

Ashwood School District Continuous Improvement Plan

Division 22 Assurances

A report was made by Melanie Friend, Head Teacher, to the Ashwood School Board on January 8, 2020 that the district is in compliance with the Division 22 Assurances.

Complaint Policy (coming soon)

ESSA Student Investment Account

       Community Engagement Summary

SIA Application



     Community Engagement Summary Data

     Integrated Planning Tool

     Community Engagement Survey


2019-2020 CIP


Ashwood Elementary Radon Testing 2018-2019 

Radon Testing Letter to Staff and Parents April 2018-2019

Division 22 Assurances

Complaint Policy    Complaint Procedure



Ashwood Elementary Report Card

Jefferson County School District #8 Report Card


2017-2018 Division 22

Scholarship Opportunity

 How to Apply

Scholarship Fund Charter

Scholarship Committe Bylaws


2016-2017 Proposed Approved Budget

Radon Protocol

IPM Plan

Division 22 Assurance

Healthy Safe Facilities Plan



2015-2016 Division 22 Assurance

Annual Financial Report  Ashwood School District's Annual Financial Report is available. Please contact Deputy Clerk.

District Report Card 2015-2016




District Report Card 2014-2015

Ashwood Elementary Report Card 2014-2015

Ashwood School District's CIP is available. 


ESSA Information (Every Student Succeeds Act)

Where to Learn More


  • For a PowerPoint overview of changes to the law and the implementation timeline, click here.
  • For a PowerPoint comparing NCLB and ESSA, click here.
  • For a handout on the State Plan Development timeline, click here.
  • For a two pager on the key elements of ESSA, click here.
  • For additional resources, go to: http://www.ed.gov/essa


PUBLIC NOTICE The Ashwood School District (Jefferson SD #8) has completed the Districts Annual Financial Report and Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) review. These reports may be viewed by the public. The District and school report card may also be viewed by the public. Please call the Deputy Clerk at 541-489-3297 for available dates or check our web site for more information.