Healthy and Safe Schools

Ashwood School  District Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

 Water Testing- In February 2020, Ashwood School tested high for lead in three fixtures.  We have performed mitigation and are pleased to report that our efforts inside the building have been effective.  We are currently mitiging the outdoor water source.

Our school building is not a public water supply. Water used for drinking and food preparation is from bottled sources. Oregon guidance on Lead can be accessed here.

Lead in Water Testing Results
Though results were within normal range, the Ashwood School Board has chosen to provide bottled drinking and food preparation water for students and staff.  Water is purchased from Earth2O in Culver, OR.

Radon Testing- Ashwood Radon Plan
Initial Testing 2019  Results and Letter of explanation
Follow-up Testing 2019 Results and Letter of explanation
**Multiple rooms in Ashwood Elementary School have tested positive for Radon and mitigation efforts are underway. Please contact Melanie Friend for additional information.)

Ashwood School District Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan